Insurance coverage cases can be a risky business. And it can be complicated. When you face a coverage problem, you need a clear understanding of what your policy does and does not cover. You want a clear opinion from your lawyer. You want something that you can understand; that actually gives you the correct answer; and, you want to have confidence that your lawyer will stand by the opinion in the crunch. MMW boasts strong credentials in insurance policy interpretation, coverage litigation and policy drafting. Vern Rogers, in particular, is recognized as a leading expert in insurance coverage. He has argued in court many of the most important coverage cases in Canada. Here are just a few of the more famous ones:

  • Broadhurst & Ball v. American Home Assurance Co.;
  • Alie v. Bertrand & Frère Construction Co.;
  • International Comfort Products Corp. (Canada) v. Royal Insurance Co. of Canada;
  • Jesuit Fathers of Upper Canada v. Guardian Insurance Co. of Canada;

Next time you are facing the question: “is it covered?” – doesn’t it make sense to have the best advice available? Isn’t it time you worked with a lawyer who has been there, done that, and who is dedicated to working with you to unlock the correct answer?